Complete lines for juices and baby food

Lines for juices and baby food are designed and developed according to certain assignment of each customer.

The capacities of realized projects vary as follows:

- 500 up to 8000 l/h for juices

- 500 up to 3000 kg/h for baby food


The mixing stations can be operated manually, semi-automatic or fully automatic.

The dosing can be resolved either volumetric or weighing principle.


The mixing stations designed AND DELIVERED TO OUR CUSTOMERS ARE

- dosing in the weigh principle

- with automated juice preparation process


Further the juice is homogenized , deaerated and heat treated.

The ready juice goes for filling and closing:

- hot filling in bottles or PET

- aseptic filling in boxes

 Baby food is filled and closed in jars, which are sterilized and cooled in autoclaves


Line for juices and baby food. Capacity 2000l/h


Line for juices. Capacity 3000l/h


„Бисквитките“ ни помагат да предоставяме услугите си. С използването им приемате употребата на „бисквитките“ от наша страна. Научете повече