The extractor is developed for separating the remainders (as mash) of the fruit on seeds, stones and others after thermo processing. Depending on their purpose, ThermoHran Engineering designs various extractors

Stone separating extractor The stone separating extractor consists of frame, housing, rotor with rubber blades , truncated cone screen, belt gear and electrical engine. Delivery chute is mounted on the side of the powering. A waste disposal chute is mounted on the opposite side. The truncated cone screen and the rotor are placed in the housing. The machine is used for processing stone and seed fruits. A turbo extractor can be installed in addition to the stone separating extractor. The two extractors can work together or one at a time according to the technological process

Turbo extractors

The turbo extractor is designed for fine extraction of the fruit mash. It consists of housing, bearing, screen washing system, rotor with stainless blades, stainless screen.

ThermoHran Engineering combines different extractor models according to the technological processes and capacities. For example:

- Combination of turbo extractors with various capacity and variously holed screens.

- Stone separating extractor and additional turbo extractor.

- Single extractors or single turbo extractors

 The company also offers sets of equipment such as: service platform made of stainless or black steel, switchboard and transportation system for waste disposal


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