Installations for homogenizing, deaeration and hot filling

The installations are designed for homogenizing, deaeration, and heating juices, sauces, purees and others before hot filling. They consist of:

Homogenizer used for achieving homogeneous and stable mixture.

Deaerator with separator, surface condenser, vacuum pump, product pump. The product pump can contain nozzle for low viscosity products or tray for high viscosity products.

“Shellandtube” heat exchangers used for heating the product to the required temperature for deaeration and for hot filling.

Receiving vessel, centrifugal pump or mono pump, frame, steam and condense pipes, pipes and fittings, switchboard, automation.

Sterilization section and section for cooling (to the required temperature for hot filling) can be added on client’s demand.

The product is heated to the required temperature for deaeration. Then it is homogenized under high pressure. After that it is deaerated in order to maintain the color and improve the quality of the product. It is again heated to the required temperature for filling and is passed for further processing.


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