Lines for dolmas (wine leaves stuffed with rice)

Thermohran Engineering offers complete equipment and executes turn-key technological lines for dolmas and ready meals production.

High level of automation is possible for some productions – automatic component dosing, production of sugar syrup.

We offer weight dosing and preparation for following heat treatment – cooking, frying of grilled eggplants, peppers, etc.

Those heat treatments are processed in specially designed vessels:

-          Blanching vessels

-          Process reservoirs

Pneumatic membrane pumps are used for the transportation of the products in order to maintain their entirety.

For other productions like dolmas, automation is possible to a certain level:

-          Preparation of the stuffing – performed in blanching vessels

-          Dosing and forming of the stuffing

Wrapping the stuffing in wine or cabbage leaves is performed manually.

The process is performed on two-leveled belts. The dosed and formed stuffing is transported by the bottom belt. The filled packages are placed on the top belts. They are transported for adding oil and spices, closing and sterilization of the product.


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