Sterilizing Installations

With heatexchangers typ "Tube in tube intube"

They are suitable for sterilization and cooling of products with low or medium viscosity such as fruit and vegetable puree and semi concentrates.

The sterilizing section is “shell and tube” heat exchanger. The heating agent is steam with high pressure. The range of heating varies between 105 up to 130 oC depending on the product.

The cooling module is “tube in tube” heat exchanger. In the outer pipe a cooling water is fed, the product is passing in the inner pipe.. The range of cooling is up to 35 oC

For better mixing of product through the pipes, static mixing spirals can be put inside the product pipe.

The installation is able to work either in line for aseptic filling of tanks or in “bag in drum” aseptic filling system.

The capacity varies from 1000 up to 6000 kg/h

They are completed with automation - system for automatic regulation of temperature, registration device, automatic recirculation of product if sterilization temperature is not reached.

he company developed  and designed sterilizing installations “tube in tube in tube”.


With scrraped surface heat exchangers

Used for heating and cooling of viscous food liquids. Provide uniform product  heating in the whole volume. Consist of heat exchanger, frame and drive. The body  is jacketed cylinder in wich the working fluid is feeded. A rotor with blades is mounted in the cylinder. The blades are mixing and scraping the product. The rotor bears on ball bearings mounted in the two caps


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